Connect Your Classes to Unpacking Manuel’s

Manuel's Tavern has played a significant role in the politics, culture, and history of Atlanta. The Unpacking Manuel's project provides a local archive platform for classes from History, English, Political Science, Art, Policy and others to explore, research, and tell stories. Your students can choose artifacts they wish to research and compose content for pop-out project pages including text, video, interviews and links to other sources. Strong student work can be added to the site, and students and teachers can point to a project as an example of their work. The 3D virtual environment part of the project will also feature student work.

Our Teaching Atlanta site has examples of assignments based on Unpacking Manuel's from GSU and Emory. A couple of exemplary projects from these assignments are on a March of Dimes Letter and a Cowboy Painting. Both are a part of the digital public exhibit on one of the main dining room walls. You can explore more student work, along with community projects, on the Featured Page or by exploring some of the Walls. If you are interested in working with this project, or if you use Atlanta in your classes for assignments or content, we would love to add you to the TeachingAtlanta bio page and include materials from your course on our pedagogy page.

It's easy to connect your class to Unpacking Manuel's. We have built a parallel sandbox site for working with classes.

Let us know you are interested and we can help you set up one of the walls or a series of artifacts that can act as a private class exhibit. Once again, we hope to add some of your best student projects to the public exhibit.

Assignments on Teaching Atlanta

Dr. Morgen's Unpacking Manuel's Assignment

Student Narrative: A Man and His Horse

Student Essay: March of Dimes Letter