Manuel's Fundraiser for McCracken Poston


Manuel's Fundraiser for McCracken Poston


McCracken Poston describes his 1995 campaign and fundraiser at Manuel's Tavern




McCracken Poston

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During my four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives, Manuel's served as a refuge where journalists and office holders and office seekers could sit down and discuss the goings on under the state capitol's gold dome. As an reformer Democrat who had challenged my own party and the powerful Speaker Thomas B. Murphy, it was at times my only refuge.

By 1995, I decided to celebrate my unpopularity under the Gold Dome by holding a fundraiser that embraced it, indicating that my only remaining friends were my three dogs, and that they were coming from Ringgold to host my fundraiser. My campaign t-shirt that year featured "Betty" the black lab mix with an extremely long tongue, which had on it: "Put it this way... your dog would vote for him." This was an obvious reference to the infamous service dog bill fiasco, an attempt by Speaker Murphy to punish me for my many sins, which resulted in the Speaker breaking down and crying in the well of the House floor after trying to ban my disabled page and his black lab Suzie from the House floor where they were serving as my page.

It was my most popular t-shirt and was worn at a show by the band "Cake". Having lived in Athens during law school, I was always intrigued by the homemade band posters, which often looked like little more than ransom notes clipped out of newspapers and magazines. I was an incumbent, but raising funds as the ultimate outsider, so I copied this style. It was the most fun fundraiser that I ever had.

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