McCracken Poston Reflects on Manuel's


McCracken Poston Reflects on Manuel's


McCracken Poston reflects on his history with Manuel's Tavern and its impact on his political and social spheres


McCracken Poston


McCracken Poston

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Thank you for understanding the special place Manuel's holds in a lot of our hearts. Manuel was present at all of my fundraisers and events except for my race for U.S. Congress (he had passed two years before the race). I was honored when one of his sons placed my bumper sticker on the office door, along with other mid-1990's artifacts (Atlanta 1996 Olympics, Gov. Zell Miller stickers, etc.).

When I heard they were "changing" Manuel's I tried to buy the whole door! Manuel's son assured me that the door was safe, and would be included in the renovation. Manuel's was the kind of place you could let your hair down a bit. I developed long friendships with many of the press corps there, which made understanding my work in the legislature easier for them, I think. It also emboldened me, knowing that they were there to expose any abuses of the process (or of young legislators) by the powers that were.

I occasionally come through Atlanta, and I try to make it on Tuesday evenings so that I can gather with the old crowd, or what is left of them.

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